Night Rider

As the days grow shorter (autumnal equinox today), the time available for riding on the bike diminishes. Unless, of course, one is willing to ride in the dark. Yesterday, after not being able to ride for several days due to travel, work schedules, and laziness, I was determined to get in a good circuit. Although I rushed to finish work early enough, I still couldn’t get started until about 5:45 pm. I had a particular route in mind which was really tough (subject of another post?) but midway though the ride the dark descended quickly. That’s when I busted out the night gear:

  • 2 watt Blaze headlight
  • blinking red taillight
  • reflective left arm band
  • reflective mesh vest
  • shoes with reflective heel tab

Plus, by that time in the ride I was on roads with very wide shoulders. I felt as if
was actually more visible than I am during the daytime. I returned to my starting point without mishap. As I finished the last couple of miles, I was on Lower Station Camp Creek Road

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which runs along a wide brook. White men have been using this route for over 200 years in this community. There were few lights, the nearly full moon was peeking behind the clouds, and the only sounds were from the evening bugs and the nearly silent drivetrain of my bicycle. I felt as if I was skimming along the surface of the earth, a silent observer of the nighttime gifts, exerted but only with pleasure, a grateful recipient of the moment’s graces.